Our top Coachella 2015 style picks

So we’ve all seen the Coachella 2015 fashion pics from the last two weeks and we’ve been green with envy wishing we were there. There having some very interesting style choices as well as some utterly chic ensembles. With Kylie Jenners, bodysuit that it is not actually there to Kate Bosworths simple but so stylish white dress and jacket. We’ve put together our top 5 fave looks from the Coachella festival. Do you agree with our picks?

1 . The Jenners (obvs)

We’re loving Kendalls simple grungy look yet grungy look. We had to look twice at Kylies bodysuit that is not actually there and even though there aren’t many people in the world that could wear this and still look good but we think Kylie does it justice.

Coachella 2015


2. Katy Perry

We weren’t sure about Katy Perrys choice at first but we think her dress is beautiful, girly and unique. What more could you want from a dress.

Coachella 2015


3. Beyonce

How does she make style look so effortless??!!! This flowing maxi dress with a sexy thigh split is just simply stunning. Classy, edgy and stylish. Is there anything this woman can’t do?

Coachella 2015


4. Kate Bosworth

So simple and sophisticated but so effective. Kates simple white dress covered by a tailored jacket with beautiful boho trims and embroidery. Perfect.

Coachella 2015


5. Jourdan Dunne

Rocking her new purple hair and cut out crochet bodysuit, Jourdan really has got herself well and truly into the festival vibe. She’s gone for the traditional festival style but she’s done it with an edge. Well done Jourdan.

Coachella 2015


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