The Jolaby Guide To Office Wear In 2017

The working world has evolved so much in the last few years. Work isn’t just found in the usual office environments in buildings in the heart of the cities, but now also takes the form of home offices, coffee shops or anywhere that offers free Wi-Fi! Not all workplaces have shifted over to the new modern and casual lifestyle that we see and hear so much about on social media and in the latest magazines and blogs.

The art of dressing for the office is still alive and going strong and has evolved much like the office environment situation. Whether you are updating your current workwear or preparing for a new job interview and you’re feeling unsure about what is and isn’t appropriate, then our handy guide for proper office attire etiquette should help steer you in the right direction.

Great Lengths

Jolaby Radon Dress - Cowl Bodycon – Ref 2256

When it comes to office attire it’s important to ensure the items fit well and are a suitable length for a smart look. Too long is almost as bad as too short. You don’t want to be drowning in your trousers so searching for the perfect tailored pair which fits just how you like it is a must so you feel comfortable and confident in your workwear. Short hems should be saved for the weekend and instead opting for mid length is a much safer bet. Our striking Jolaby Cowl Bodycon Dress is the perfect length with a figure-enhancing bodycon shape and a flattering side pleat detail lined for comfort and support.  This dress is also ideal for transforming for after work occasions or date night.

Always Be Prepared

The one thing with working in an office environment is that you’ll be away from your home comforts and will be sharing the space with multiple co-workers; It’s always best to expect the unexpected. Little things like keeping a light sweater or cardigan on hand to layer on top of your blouse or dress for when someone in the office decides to open all the windows can save you a world of trouble and discomfort.

Heels are another taboo subject, if you can’t walk in them then you don’t want to be wearing them all day, treat your feet to a lower block heel for a chic look or bring some flats for your commute home, that way your poor feet won’t be in agony by the time you get home at the end of the day.

Less is always more

Keeping it simple at the office or during an interview is key. Let your personality shine brighter than your makeup and accessories. When it comes to jewellery you don’t want to be jangling around the office and distracting everyone, instead opt for simple statement pieces to finish off any outfit.

Don’t take the plunge

Dare Label Waterfall Back Top Ref Dare 222

Not all trends are intended for the office, if it plunges too low, bares skin in the wrong places or is cropped a little too short then it’s best to leave it at home. Just because office attire warrants more demure style clothing, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice on style altogether. We have some great key transitional pieces that would be perfect for your wardrobe, our Dare Label Waterfall Back Top is a great example of how you can still channel the latest trends and look fashionable at work. With the free-flowing shape and draped back this top looks great teamed with smart straight leg trousers and heels for a contemporary look.

Although these are very basic guidelines and rules can vary from office to office, following these simple steps should hopefully help you avoid any office fashion faux pas.

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