Flirty Florals

Summer isn’t quite the same without an array of stunning floral prints. Not only are floral dresses perfect for any Summer day, they also never go out of style.

Floral prints are our go to for weddings, the races, christenings and baby showers… You name it, (and you can even get away with wearing darker colours in the warmer months)!

Barium Halterneck Wide Leg Jumpsuit                               Oxygen Off-Shoulder Bodycon

For a lighter, spring pastel look, take a look at the different Atom Label styles in Blue Floral Print, including the Barium Jumpsuit and the Oxygen and Nickel Bodycon dresses.

Nickel Halterneck Bodycon

If you love wearing darker shades, Atom Label‘s Navy Print is perfect – classy and sophisticated, whilst still bright and colourful for Summer.

                                  Barium Halterneck Wide Leg Jumpsuit                              Oxygen Off-Shoulder Bodycon

Atom Label dresses and jumpsuits are perfect for those special occasions, such as weddings, the races and parties.

Nickel Halterneck Bodycon

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