Glitter and Glamour

Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle?! Glitter is back, and in a big way. Here’s the lowdown on how to style your sparkle without going a bit O.T.T. …

Fashion’s obsession with glitter will never end. The return of Eighties trends brings feel good nostalgia and with it, brighter, bolder, more textured clothes.

If you like a lot of glitter, Atom Label’s Multi Sparkle is perfect for you! Available in jumpsuits, gowns and bodycon dresses, there’s something for everyone! Perfect for a party girl who loves disco fashion!

Multi Sparkle

Want more colour? We’ve got you covered. Check out Atom Label’s Cobalt Sparkle for the perfect bright and sparkly look. Perfect for fun nights, parties and glitz and glam!

Cobalt Sparkle

For a mix of both fun and elegance, give in to glitter with the shimmering embellishment of Atom Label’s Nude Silver Sparkle. These twinkling designs create a glamorous party mood.

Nude Silver Sparkle

Glitter is perfect for self expression – twinkle with happiness at your next big event!

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