What are the best colours to wear for my skin tone?

We all know the frustration of trying on new clothes, and the colour just doesn’t look right on us.

Some colours clash with certain undertones of the skin, and we’re here to show you how to solve that problem.


Cool skin tones are a combination of very light to very dark hair (black all the way to light blonde), and blue undertones in the skin. This can range from very fair skin tones to very dark tones.

Aim for colours such as cobalt blue, bright green, deep purples, pastels, greys, navy and white.

STAY AWAY FROM: Oranges and yellows.

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Combine warm browns or blonde hair with highlights, and skin that is just a little too difficult to determine – you’ve got neither blue or yellow undertones, you’re somewhere in between.

Go for neutral colours such as light and blush pinks, pastels, muted greens and blues, greys, taupe and off whites.

STAY AWAY FROM: Bright and vibrant colours – particularly reds and yellows. Try very light shades of these hues if you really like the colour.

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Warm skin tones are a combination of dark blonde/brown hair and green or yellow undertones in the skin (Olive).

You’re safe with oranges, reds, yellows and golden hues. You can also safely wear warm greens and blues, teal, maroon and burgundy shades, and bright pinks.

STAY AWAY FROM: Light blue, mint and bright blues and greens.


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