What is the best neckline for my face & body shape?

What is the best neckline for my face & body shape?

People come in all shapes and sizes and it is often difficult to wear something that flatters your body. It is also important to flatter the face and neck as every woman has a different face shape. Some necklines are more flattering than others and some are just a straight-forward no-no. Factors to take into account include bust size, face shape, jaw line, and even height. Atom, Dare and Jolaby have a variety of necklines that accentuate your face nicely. This post will inform you of the best dress to wear depending on your desired neckline.


V Neck

A V neck is suitable for busty ladies who want to make themselves look in proportion or appear smaller on top. Depending on the fabric, the right kind of V neck can also enhance somone who wants to appear bigger on top.


This style is perfect to show off your shoulders. It makes you appear slimmer and more defined. They attract attention to the centre of the body and are most suited to women with broad shoulders.

Round Neck

Dare Label strap tops have a round or low scoop neckline which is perfect for making your neck look longer.

Polo Neck

This style is universal! It suits most body types and can make your neck appear smaller. It cuts the distance between the chin and collarbone which makes you not only look taller but also more slimmer. It adds sophistication and elegance to a simple top.


This style can be pulled lower onto the arms, exposing the shoulders in a lower cut. It highlights the collarbones and can be very flattering to the neck.


This neckline is great if you have wide hips and want to offset that. It makes your shoulders appear wider and follows the natural shape of the body.



Perfect for those of you with pear shapes bodies and want to draw the eyes upwards.


Pleat Shoulder

If you are a bit conscious about your curves, a boxy neckline like this gives you a nice contrast.


 Let us know which is your favourite and we would love to see your photo’s of you wearing them.
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