Can You Wear Black to a Wedding? Style Tips

It is a well known fact that despite the honour of being invited to a wedding they all raise the dreaded question of

“what on earth am I going to wear?”

The Fashion associated with wedding guest attire has evolved dramatically over the years, no longer are the days of following strict guide lines, so yes, yes, yes you definitely can wear that black dress you have hanging in your wardrobe. The little black dress has proved enough times over the years that it is statement item of clothing, so it is only fair that the LBD has earned its own invitation to the wedding party!

As we edge towards a season entailed with winter weddings, it becomes even more acceptable to incorporate dark cool tones into your wedding guest attire; making this the perfect time to opt for a dusky hue such as black. However, it is important not to feel restricted when you are deciding on your outfit, black isn’t just a colour that is associated with winter fashion, oozing with versatility it’s is just as easy to incorporate into an outfit suitable for a summer time wedding.

Oufit inspiration

If styled correctly a black dress can look both elegant and flattering, as celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Jessica Alba have previously demonstrated at weddings they have attended. However, It is important to remember that for a lot of people the colour black is still associated with funeral attire, so bare this in mind when choosing your outfit, to help avoid this issue here are some tips on how to style your Little black dress so that you are ‘Wedding ready’.

A simple way to make your outfit more wedding ready is through accessories; a statement shoe is always a winner, especially when print is involved. As fashion has evolved it is no longer necessary for accessories to match, incorporating a shoe with a bold print will help bring a sense of fun to the outfit whilst still remaining sophisticated.  

In addition to this, although no longer necessary, matching accessories are by no means out of fashion. Incorporating some bright matching accessories of colours such as pink, orange or red will help lift a simple black outfit; a technique that will especially compliment a summer time wedding outfit.

Furthermore, opting for a style that compliments your shape and figure is important as this will help avoid the dress from resembling work attire and leave you feeling glamorous and stylish.

Finally, if you don’t feel completely comfortable in a plain black dress, opting for an alternative dark colour such as navy or garment with a pattern is also possible as Denise Van Outen showed us when she attended the wedding of David Walliams in a dark floral number.

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