How to Wear a Dress and Trainers: Style Tips

Gone are the days where the only purpose for trainers was going to the gym and running errands, practical and chic; trainers have never been so in, earning their place as statement item in a fashion lover’s wardrobe.

Since 2006, celebrities such as Lily Allen have been providing us with major fashion inspiration, by styling ball gowns with trainers; they created a trend that has continued to grace the streets, only becoming more and more popular amongst all ages as the years have gone on.  A practical trend that will help gain considerable style credit, pairing trainers with dresses can take an outfit from plain and simple to stylish and modern instantly.

Sporting comfortable footwear never goes out of fashion, so being blessed with a fashionable alternative to heels and coming across cool new ways to style trainers is a major bonus, opting for a trainer and dress combination not only creates comfortable fashion but also enables you to get more wear out of your dresses, making them suitable for a variety of occasions.

Outfit Inspiration

Following this, it is important to find the right trainers for you; searching for pairs that compliment both your legs and ankles is beneficial, whilst when it comes to colour opting for a white pair will provide versatility, enabling you to style them with multiple outfits.

When deciding on your dress it’s essential you consider your shape and size; pairing maxi dresses with trainers will compliment tall frames beautifully, creating an elegant style combo; pair this with a biker jacket and it automatically gives the outfit an edgy feel. Whilst a knee length smock dress will flatter shorter frames the most, providing a playful relaxed look, want to add more height? Opt for a trainer with a platform.

In need of more sophisticated attire but still want the comfort of trainers? Opt for a tailored style dress; this creates a versatile outfit that can alter from daytime casual to night out glam with ease.

The trainer and dress combination isn’t just summer time fashion, throw on an oversized coat with this look in winter and you are good to go, you have an on trend outfit suitable for all year round.

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