Halloween Inspiration at Jolaby

Not sure what to wear this Halloween? Here at Jolaby we have a range of garments that offer a multipurpose use.

First of all, BLACK. You can’t go wrong with a bit of black in your wardrobe this Halloween especially when it comes to costume ideas. There is so much to offer: devil, dark angel, witch, black swan, batman, catwoman, skeleton, and the list goes on… What’s better is here at Jolaby we have a range of black inspired garments that are ready for Halloween use.

Uranium Jumpsuit – Dark Angel Inspired
Oxygen Dress – Witch Inspired
Dipped Hem Coatigan – Batman Inspired

Remember, you can wear you clothes more than once and what better way than using it for a festive celebration of Halloween. If you own any black then don’t be affraid to be creative in your outfit choices because your clothes can have more than one purpose.

Alternatively, there is always the choice of having a pop of colour to your Halloween inspired wardrobe. Why not try red? A perfect alternative to black, but still offering a range of choices in what to wear: devil, queen of hearts, little red riding hood, minnie mouse, and the list goes on… What’s better is here at Jolaby we have a range of red to suit your needs for your Halloween.

Carbon jumpsuit – Devil Inspired
Verona Dress – Queen of Hearts Inspired

If black is not the answer, then always try red. the perfect alternative to add a pop of colour to your scary Halloween inspired outfit.

If all else fails, then splash abit of blood and facepaint on.

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