What style garments should I wear with broad shoulders?

Women with broad shoulders tend to have inverted triangular body shapes; therefore it is important to even the tone by wearing the appropriate styles. Having broad shoulders may make you feel far from feminine but this isn’t the case! All you need to do is style in accordance to your body type in order to create a softer appeal; allowing you to ooze confidence in what you wear.

The style best for broad shoulders consist of:

Scoops and V necks: Our scoops and V necks will help draw the eyes vertically rather than straight across which will demonstrate an even accent of the body rather than drawing attention to the shoulders. Eg Atom Label Lithium Dress and Atom Label Tellurium Jumpsuit

Tellurium Jumpsuit

Vertical over Horizontal: Wear a one shoulder dress as it minimizes the appeal of broad shoulder helping to create a balance, rather than an off the shoulder look which will highlight the area.  Eg Atom Label Potassium Dress

Potassium Dress

Thick Straps over Spaghetti: Instead of wearing spaghetti straps, pick something that is thicker to help disguise and cover the shoulders. The more material between the neck and shoulder the more of an illusion it creates to make the shoulders seem smaller.  Eg Atom Label Radon Dress

Radon Dress

Our different styles at Jolaby will allow you to have versatility within your wardrobe whilst allowing you to feel confident in what you wear. Do not let having broad shoulders affect what you wear, as Jolaby offers clothes for all body types, so don’t be scared to venture for the right choice.

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