How to write a Fashion Blog

What I’ve learned so far…

Not sure how to write a blog? Don’t stress – a key factor. Myself, personally is someone who hasn’t been writing blogs for very long, therefore research has been my friend.  Writing a blog is all about learning and adapting to the needs of the consumer, especially when it comes to fashion. Always ensure to keep ahead of the game by addressing topics that will interest your following.

Here are some useful tips from what I’ve learned so far, and will hopefully help you in your quest to writing a successful fashion blog.

5 Key factors to writing a Fashion Blog:

  • Indentify the topic:

It is important to know your audience when deciding a topic to explore. People are likely to engage with something that interests them and is relevant. This could be indulging in niche segments to optimise posts as well as addressing key fashion trends.

  • Trend relevance:

As this is a fashion blog, we need to address fashion topic relevance. Fashion is your oyster and you can explore almost anything on the spectrum. However, try address subjects that your following is wanting to indulge in and keep trend relevance throughout.

  • Paragraphs are cut into visuals:

I’m sure we’ve all read huge amounts of text and become bored within seconds. Therefore, it’s essential to incorporate visuals in order for readers to engage. Blocking up text will make your blog more aesthetically pleasing on the eye, which will ensure readers won’t lose interest. In addition, bullet pointing can also be a great way to cut up huge amounts of text allowing a more coherent read for your following.

  • Use social media to broaden blog viewing:

Take advantage of a FREE platform to market your interests. Social media is a great way to generate higher engagement levels for your blog. Viewers will appreciate easy access to retrieving your blog and are more likely to engage, rather than searching themselves.

  • Keep consistency

Overall, where possible, try to keep consistency through social media and blog posts you’ve written about. This allows content to be coherent and stay relevant. 

In conclusion, it’s important to keep authentic to yourself. Not only do you want to interest your following but ensure the topic interests you. Utilise the platforms surrounding you to maximise the best outcome for your blogs.

Good luck!

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