What should I do with my unwanted clothes?

Unwanted clothes can become a burden when you are fighting for clothing space in your wardrobe.

How to get rid of your unwanted clothes?

Sell Online

Need a little cash? With the help of social media platforms this is becoming a popular way to get rid of clothes that no longer suit your needs. This is especially great for clothes that are in a good condition and are from popular brands. However, for your more high-end clothing why not try the likes of Ebay and Depop, which offer a more professional platform to selling.

Give to friends & family

Giving unwanted clothes to your friends & family may be the perfect way to cheer up their day. Share the love you once had for your items to the loved ones who would appreciate it. Giving is better than receiving.

Clothes Swap

Any excuse to throw a little get together… A perfect idea to meet up with your mates, filled with clothes that you no longer desire. This means you can change up your wardrobe, especially if you are fast fashion obsessed. This will allow you to enjoy fashionable clothes, shared with friends for a longer period of time ensuring a longer lifespan for your items.


Are there any charities that you are in support of? Why not donate your clothes; it is not only helping the charitable organisation but is supporting environmental change. This could be really benficial for all involved. All you need to do is drop of your unwanted clothes to local charaties in your surronding area. They may even offer pick up services!


There is going to be some items that may be difficult to sell or donate, therefore instead of having them end up in landfill, get them recycled. This means clothing can have a new lease of life, whether that’s cashmere used in coats, wool for carpet underlay or waste that is incinerated and turned into energy.

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If there is clothing you still like to wear but not too keen on the style, then get creative! Reworked clothing is a great way to continue the lifespan of a garment; reinventing unwanted fabrics into useful products that may be worn by the consumer.

Get Creative!

Bored? Indulge in a little fun! Why not get creative with your friends & family. This can include, colouring competitions, best inventive products, best designs – all done on old items of clothing.

In conclusion, due to the high demand of fast fashion influenced by us as consumers means more clothes are ending up in landfill each year. The Global Fashion industry stated that 73% of clothing ends up in landfill, with only 15% of it being recycled. There is a solution to reducing carbon footprint by giving your clothes a new lease of life. Going green is the perfect solution to getting rid of unwanted clothes as it avoids them ending up in landfill and reducing toxic waste. Therefore, unwanted clothes no longer need to be unwanted.

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