Summer Wedding Ideas💭

What to wear to a summer wedding?

Weather is warm, and you’re wondering what you should wear to a wedding in summer? Then look no further. Weather can be a real deal breaker when it comes to deciding what you want to wear and what is suitable. However, here at Jolaby LTD we have great designs that are super flattering for a hot summer wedding.


Florals are perfect for Spring/Summer attire, it helps add colour to your wardrobe. Florals allow you to accessorise easily and also allows you to alternate different colours and styles added to the print. It’s are a timeless summer print that won’t become outdated in a years’ time.

Bright Colours 🌈

Keep it bright – Its summer! Fill your wardrobe with lots of bright colours. Bright colours can look amazing against a tan. It can be paired easily with some neutral tones or prints. Make it look fierce and spice it up for summer.

Keep it light💡

Don’t make that mistake of wearing something too thick and heavy in the hot sun.  Maxi dresses are the perfect escape if you don’t want to wear something too clingy. The free flowing design, allows you to feel comfortable and party all night long.

Prints 🐆

Prints are the perfect summer statement.  The neutral tones of animal print allow you to take a minimalist approach when accessorising, leaning into a subtle summer approach. The light hues of colour oozes pure sophistication.

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